Special Moments to Share

Some couples choose to include a special moment to share with their guests, making their ceremony more special & memorable.

     •     Blending of the Sands

     •     Exchange of Roses

     •     Butterfly Release

     •     Candle Lighting Ceremony

     •     Dove Release

     •     Wedding Cup Ceremony

Many of these symbols and rituals have their roots in ancient traditions & customs, but today become a special part of your ceremony that will delight your guests  & make your wedding ceremony truly unique.

Blending of the Sands

During the sand ceremony, different coloured sands are blended together. The bride and groom each take a small jar of sand and pour them into a third container, blending the sands together.

Just as these grains of sand can never again be separated, so will your marriage be.

Butterfly Release

                        Whisper a wish to a butterfly

                        Gently set it free

                         Your wish will rise to the heavens

                         And be granted for eternity

According to an American Indian legend, if you want a wish to come true, you must capture a butterfly, whisper your wish to

it and then let it go.  As the butterflies are released, I ask the guests to whisper their own special wish for the bride & groom.

Exchange of Roses

The bride & groom exchange a single red rose as a symbol of their love and commitment on their wedding day.  A red rose always means “I love you” and becomes their first gift to each other as husband and wife.

Candle Lighting Ceremony

The candle lighting ceremony symbolises the joining of two people and two families. The mothers of the bride & groom   each light a candle representing the two families. Later the

bride and groom each take a flame from their family candle               

and together light the marriage candle.

This marriage candle  then becomes an Anniversary Candle to be relit on this day every year.

Together we create some special moments for you to share with each other and your guests.